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About Us

Working with you until your house is sold!

As a full spectrum staging firm, Franco N Design offers a wide array of services to satisfy clients’ needs. From home staging for real estate to custom interior design, Fanco N Design’s diversified team brings all the right qualities and expertise to the table. Highly sought after, Fanco N Design knows how to balance the art of appeal with the science of selling.

Vancouver Home Staging

Enriching the art of home staging and interiors, Fancon Design is a new concept that transforms new builds into homes. From tailored modern interiors to airy open minimal inspired spaces and everything in between, Fancon Design welcomes you with it’s the moment sensibility and distinct sense of style. From home staging to luxury leasing and interior design services, we create exceptional environments.

Fancon Design is Vancouver based interiors design firm, we have been working with high-end builders and real estate developers for over 12 years.  We transform interiors in every corner of the Lower Mainland. Satisfied clients are our priority, and we provide the luxurious design with attention to every detail.

Meet Our Team

Queenie Wang

Queenie Wang

After completes the Interior Design Certificate at British Columbia of Technology, Queenie quickly implements her design skills immediately by working on a boutique hotel design project. She discovered her passion for commercial design during this interval and decided to continue to build her academic knowledge with Laselle College. Queenie firmly believes that our surroundings have a deep impact on our soul. She is passionate about creating beautiful environments rewarding for people to be memorized. It is very void of to see the transformation of a character gradually transfer into a vibrant and inspiring place.

Libby Li

Libby Li has extensive 16 years of residential and commercial interior design experience after graduating from university. She actively leads a team accomplishing several award-winning projects. Her deep understanding of elements and principle of interior design is apparent throughout her works. Libby is widely recognized as an outstanding senior home designer.


A Master’s degree in ESMOD PARIS afforded her the opportunity to study Fashion design and Pattern making in France. She pursued her visual passion and has built over 14 years of fashion design experience and several years of staging design. She brings fresh ideas, creativity, and strong design aesthetics together to each project, and always looking to offer clients the very best in decor and design.