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“Fanco N Design is efficient and professional home staging company. They were able to get in and out of our empty condo within 3 days and entirely transform the place. It went from a completely empty to a beautifully furnished palace overnight!!! When they sent us the pictures, we could not believe it was our condo. We listed the condo that weekend and were thrilled to have multiple offers coming in immediately. I cannot recommend Fanco N Design highly enough. They are everything that you would want in a professional, honest, creative, detail-oriented, competent, and accountable. We sold our home fast and we are more than happy with your work. We received a number of offers on our properly. A younger couple with two kids purchased it. Thanks for all your home staging help.” Mike & Shah, Homeowners

“Thank you once again for your help in selling our home. God must have brought you into our lives at the right time! You did a great job in making the house look like a cozy home. Thanks again! It was a pleasure having you at our side in the sale of our home! What makes Franco N Design so unique is that they possess both creative as well as great business skills.  Most people either have one or the other. What this means is that not only is the design/staging process beautifully done, but it’s done so expeditiously and efficiently.” Thank you, Jenny Chong

Just wanted to let you guys know that we went to see the home and we absolutely love what you did. Your selections were spot-on.  The real estate agent just sent us the photographer’s photos, and it looks phenomenal – we can’t believe it’s the same home that we could not sell for 6 months.  And I have to say you were 100% right about how much difference refinished floors and a paint job make. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks again for all you guys help and support us with the home staging. we sold in one week after the staging. All the Living Room Furniture, Bedroom, and Sofas, Tables, TV Stands were all so amazing! You guys take care & best wishes to all you.”

“We are delighted to let you know that our father’s home sold today. There were many showings, lots of nice comments and four offers which we reviewed yesterday. The best offer was $35,000 over our asking price and it came from a young couple with a little boy. My mother is delighted that a young family will be making memories in her house. We are so glad we had the staging done! Thanks again.”

“Your home staging team are professional, reliable, efficient, and extremely effective at staging properties. After initial phone discussions and their first site visit, I felt totally confident in trusting their judgment on who we should target our property at, and how. They transformed our home within one week, we then accepted an offer within two weeks and our buyer complimented us on how well the property was presented. It was money well spent; we achieved the highest price yet for a property of our type through very little effort on our part.”

“I was completely amazed at how quickly you guys re-designed and transformed my man-cave, loft into a welcoming and inviting living space and all within budget. There is no doubt in my mind that because of the recommendations and your style of staging was the reason, I received multiple offers above my asking price all within days of the first showing.  I would highly recommend Franco N Design and their team to any realtor, seller, and developer who wants to get maximum return for their home or apartment.” Cynthia Lee, Homeowner

“This was the 4th project I have done with Fanco N Design! And once again they did not let me down as the home sold at the first Open House for the asking price. In this home, Fanco N Design had a blank canvas. The owners trusted her vision and decided to take all their furniture out and leave her with a completely empty space where she could work her magic. And magic it was, because when she was finished the home was one of the sweetest, most inviting 4 bedrooms and 3 baths homes I have ever had the pleasure of marketing. Once again Fanco N Design delivered not just what was expected but more! Thanks to Queenie & Libby!” Marie Crowley, Realtorcommend Franco N Design and their team to any realtor, seller, and developer who wants to get maximum return for their home or apartment.” Cynthia Lee, Homeowner